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At FIXL Automotive's Finance Center, we're committed to assisting individuals from all financial backgrounds. Whether you're recovering from bankruptcy, dealing with credit challenges, or simply seeking affordable financing options, our team is here for you. From flexible lending solutions to understanding your unique circumstances, we strive to make the car buying process smooth and accessible. With a range of lenders ready to accommodate various credit situations, including those with slow payments, charge-offs, or medical bills, we aim to find the right financing to fit your needs. Plus, our straightforward approval criteria ensure accessibility for a wide range of applicants, whether you're employed, receiving benefits, or a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Apply today and let us help you get behind the wheel with confidence!

FIXL Finance Center F.A.Q.

Even with a stellar credit background, it's prudent to explore all financing avenues. Fixl Automotive stands ready to assist in this regard, boasting an array of lenders poised to cater to diverse credit requirements. Life's unpredictable twists, like job loss or unexpected medical expenses, can derail financial stability, tarnishing creditworthiness. In such challenging times, Fixl Automotive emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a lifeline through its extensive lender network. Not only does it facilitate rebuilding credit, but it also ensures access to dependable transportation, vital for regaining momentum. The Fixl Automotive commitment extends beyond mere financing; it pledges to tailor solutions to individual needs, never burdening customers with more than they can comfortably manage.


If you are faced with one of the following issues, Fixl Automotive can help you rebuild AND drive.



Bankruptcy - 


With lenders poised to assist those emerging from Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Fixl Automotive offers a beacon of hope for rebuilding financial stability. While Bankruptcy's mark may linger on credit reports for up to a decade, the path to recovery lies in establishing new credit, with a vehicle loan presenting a prime opportunity. Upon completion of Bankruptcy proceedings and receipt of the discharge letter, Fixl Automotive stands ready to aid in the re-establishment process. For those seeking to embark on the journey of rebuilding post-bankruptcy, a simple call to us can initiate the process. However, it's important to note that assistance is unavailable if the Bankruptcy remains ongoing and has not yet been resolved.


Repossessions - 


If you have had a vehicle either voluntarily or involuntarily re-possessed you can get another loan. With many of our lenders, you will be eligible after one year. A handful of lenders will accept 6 months and we have even obtained approvals for shorter periods. Be warned, however, that the size of your down payment will have the most impact on getting a lender to take the risk again.


Slow Payments - 


Understanding that financial challenges can arise unexpectedly, our network of lenders at Fixl Automotive specializes in accommodating various credit situations. Whether you've experienced slow credit card payments, high balances, charge-offs, or medical bills, we strive to find solutions tailored to your needs. Even if you're a homeowner navigating through slow payments or a loan modification, our lenders are empathetic and aim to provide feasible loan options that align with your budget, ensuring manageable payments. In many cases, providing documentation of your new arrangement can facilitate approval for a new or pre-owned vehicle, offering a pathway to stability and reliable transportation.



At Fixl Automotive, the criteria for auto loan approval are straightforward, ensuring accessibility for individuals seeking financing. Applicants need to demonstrate employment status or regular receipt of benefits such as disability or social security, be at least 18 years old, and hold citizenship or registered permanent residency in the United States. Don't hesitate to apply today! Once your application is submitted, one of our dedicated loan officers will reach out to discuss your unique circumstances. Typically, a two-year financial history is necessary for our lenders to evaluate your eligibility for a loan, but our team is here to guide you through the process every step of the way.


You can be conditionally approved before you walk in the door if you can provide us with your proof of income:


  • -  Pay Stubs no more than 30 days old

  • -  3 months of bank statements

  • -  A signed Request for Transcript of Tax Return 4506-T form is required for all self-employed applicant(s) to verify income from previous 2 years' tax returns.


It’s the day you have looked forward to – the day you drive off in your new vehicle! We will need to do a little paperwork before you leave – so please double-check and make sure you bring everything we’ll need. The process will be quicker and easier.

We will need:


- Valid Driver's License that is current. 


- 6 Personal References -

- With name, address, phone number, and relationship. Minimum 2 Family Members required.


- Proof of Residency -

- If applicable, consisting of one or more of the following items in the applicant's name. Telephone or utility bill no more than 30 days old. If you’re a Registered Foreign Permanent Resident, make sure you have your ID. 


- Proof of Income - 

- Pay-stub less than 30 days old and showing year-to-date income. 2 years of Tax returns if you are self-employed.


- Insurance Information

- Policy Number, Company, Agent, Agent Address & Phone Number, and Expiration dates. If you don’t have full coverage insurance, please let us know as we can help.


If you do not find your question listed below, don’t hesitate to contact us. We happily respond to every inquiry.

How much can I get pre-approved for?

The pre-approved loan amount depends on various factors, including income, the age of the vehicle, and the lender's overall risk assessment. A precise figure can only be determined once all necessary documents are submitted.

Will my trade qualify for money down?

Yes! Additional money, however, may be required if there is a lien on the automobile that you are trading.

Will inquiries affect my credit rating?

When considering an auto loan or additional credit, it's important to be aware that each time creditors review your credit, it generates an inquiry on your credit report. These inquiries can accumulate and are often viewed unfavorably by creditors. Consequently, an excess of inquiries can hinder your ability to secure an auto loan.

Will Cosigners help?

A cosigner may be an option for a buyer who doesn't meet all the credit requirements. However, the buyer's income must satisfy all income and budget guidelines independently, without counting on the cosigner's income.

What are the monthly payments?

Monthly payments are determined by your credit profile and the specific vehicle you're buying. Vehicles with lower mileage and newer models may qualify for extended payment terms. Optimal payments typically apply to affordable vehicles with fewer than 50,000 miles on them.

What are the interest rates?

Rates are based on your credit history and the equity position of the loan. We will negotiate the best situation we can based on your credit profile. The higher your credit rating and down payment the lower your rates will be. Also, the model year of the vehicle plays an important role. Rates generally increase by 1 point per model year. So, the older the car, the higher the rate.

I've had a vehicle re-possessed less than a year ago. Can I still pre-qualify?

If the repossession wasn't part of a bankruptcy filing and there's an outstanding balance on the account, you can still pre-qualify. However, expect stricter money-down requirements and a limited selection of newer cars still covered by the factory warranty.

I've had a bankruptcy. Can I still get pre-approved?

If your bankruptcy has been discharged, you're eligible. We're here to assist you in rebuilding your financial standing once your bankruptcy process is finalized and you've received your discharge letter. Even if you've had a bankruptcy in the past and want to start rebuilding, feel free to reach out. It's important to note that bankruptcy may stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. However, the most effective way to move forward is by establishing new credit. One excellent opportunity for this is through a vehicle loan.

I've never had credit before. Can I get approved for an auto loan?

Fixl Automotive often has several First Time Buyer Programs that are available with our lenders and manufacturers. These programs will help you not only qualify but also, occasionally, reduce the cost of the vehicle

I've been turned down before. How can Fixl Automotive get me approved?

Through the strong partnerships we've cultivated with our lenders to offer top-notch vehicles and our extensive track record of assisting individuals in overcoming challenges, we guarantee that every application is meticulously prepared for optimal approval prospects before it's even submitted.

Should I find a car first before applying for an auto loan?

Before you start shopping, consult with one of our Sales Associates to determine your loan eligibility. This step minimizes credit inquiries and increases your chances of approval. For instance, if you're eyeing a $40,000 vehicle without prior approval, dealers may repeatedly submit your application, potentially harming your credit. We take a different approach, ensuring your qualification upfront to tailor a suitable loan package.

If you qualify, we proceed; if not, we guide you towards alternative vehicles and financing options. Unlike many dealerships, we prioritize your financial well-being over a quick sale, making your car-buying experience smooth and stress-free.

What are the minimums to qualify?

There are no minimum qualifications to pre-qualify! Each auto loan application is evaluated based on the credit profile and equity position. An applicant with previous good auto credit, for example, may not have to meet income and job time requirements; whereas an applicant with a recent repossession would.

What type of car can I get pre-approved for?

Lenders prefer newer vehicles still under warranty so you won't have to worry about unexpected repairs.


The foregoing information is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Every applicant's credit situation is unique and third-party financing approval is not guaranteed. The dealer does not provide financing.






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